Raí B. Toffoletto

Locus novus, vita nova.

Wednesday, December 4th 2019

New website, new life! ~ Now, I promise to stop with the “latim fetish” at the name of this blog: Cogito (i.e. I Think).

All the reasons that led me to start blogging [again] are the same that made me redesign this website: I was in need for a change in my life. I’m a trained musician, with diplomas from three different countries and, yet, I wasn’t able to develop a career to support myself. So, after some soul searching, I decided to focus in one of my hobbies as a career, programming. This process isn’t easy, particularly when you are already in your 30’s, but it’s possible with dedication and effort.

One of the things I most value as a musician was the “learning by teaching”. Any ‘social animal’ (humans included) is capable of learning by copying, however we, human beings, learn also by the process of teaching others. When someone needs to pass their knowledge of something, that knowledge needs to be clear in their minds, and if it’s not, needs to be organised in order to [successfully] explain it. Most of my mistakes as a musician was solved not by listening to my teachers, but by observing the exactly same problems in my students!

So, my plans for this blog is to share my thoughts on new things I learn in technology or coding. Probably not exclusively, because I’m a complex person 😉, but at least as its main focus. That will serve mostly to help me with my bad memory, keeping a record of things I will probably forget (like how to exit vim xD), and, at the same time, making me reflect on what I’m learning and organise my own knowledge of the subject in my [cluttered] mind.

You may be wondering why he’s writing in a foreign language? In my [almost a] decade living abroad, I adopted English as my main language (despite the fact I’ve never lived in a english-speaking country). I did my studies in english, my master’s thesis and it is the language I talk with most of my friends. However, I keep the love for loads of comas and huge senttences all the latim-based languages have. Hope it won’t bother anyone to death 😃.