Raí B. Toffoletto


Installing Cups & HPLIP

Sometimes HP Printers and Linux aren’t just the plug-and-play they should have been out of the box… and every time I need to set up mine for network sharing I have to use Google to refresh my memory. So I hope with those tips I can help someone forgetful as me in this simple endeavour.

I ignored the internet and built a custom C.M.S.

If you ask anyone: “Should I build my own CMS?”, they will answer “NO”. And they are absolutely right! The answer should be always NO. However, I decided to ignore the wisdom of the internet (and my own good judgment) and started to write one for my personal website.

Locus novus, vita nova.

New website, new life! ~ Now, I promise to stop with the “latim fetish” at the name of this blog: Cogito (i.e. I Think).